3 B2B platforms are developing to better serve the markets

Today in B2B payments, three B2B platforms, Omnibiz, CBC24 and Shoptreo, are growing to meet the needs of the buyers and sellers they serve. Additionally, payments and financing startup BlueTape has raised $55 million to help it provide financing and payment services to companies in the construction industry.

Nigerian B2B e-commerce firm Omnibiz raises $15m, plans to expand

Nigerian B2B e-commerce company Omnibiz has raised $15m in a pre-Series A funding round and plans to expand further in the region. Already active in a dozen cities in Ghana and Nigeria and serving 65,000 retailers, Omnibiz said it aims to add more cities in Nigeria that have growing retail and are not currently supported by a B2B platform. .

CNC24 Precision Parts Sourcing Platform Raises $8.33 Million

Berlin-based startup CNC24 has raised 8.25 million euros (about $8.33 million) in a Series A funding round to further develop its B2B precision parts sourcing platform, which helps companies to source industrial components from a global network of suppliers through a fully digitized procurement process. One of the investors said in a press release: “In increasingly volatile markets hit by supply chain risks, CNC24 is tackling a major thorn in the side of the manufacturing industry.” .

Shoptreo B2B marketplace connects African artisans and retailers

Aiming to make it easier for entrepreneurs to sell African-made products across Africa, Nigerian startup Shoptreo offers an online B2B marketplace that connects artisans and manufacturers across the continent with informal retailers and sellers. The marketplace was launched in November and served customers in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Cameroon. It is now looking to expand across the continent.

Payments startup BlueTape raises $55M for construction SMBs

Payments and finance startup BlueTape has raised $55 million to grow its workforce, increase lending and develop new products to help construction companies pay for building materials. CEO and Co-Founder Yaser Masoudnia said in a press release, “With funding from Arcadia and Chicago Ventures, we will be able to help more construction companies get the financing and payment services they need to overcome economic uncertainty and supply chain issues.

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