Decentraland Price Prediction: Is IBAT the Best P2E Metaverse Platform?

Decentraland (MANA) is a cryptocurrency project based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was first launched in 2015, but only available to the public from 2020.

Using MANA tokens, owners can trade real estate while enjoying online gaming and interaction among other uses. As an owner, you can communicate with others, open a store, explore the world of the metaverse, and even attend conferences. As a result, many people refer to Decentraland as a decentralized global version of Minecraft.

From an investment perspective, the Decentraland price prediction is relatively solid, with decent earnings forecast. However, it is not as impressive as some other products on the market.

One such product is Battle Infinity (IBAT), an exciting Indian project in the same vein as India-based Polygon. In fact, it is the only cryptocurrency competitor to historic Indian fantasy sports giants Dream11 and Mobile Premier League.

Let’s take a look at the Decentraland price predictions for the future as well as the best prospects for IBAT.

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