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The Internet Money ecosystem is vibrant and focused on bringing new users into crypto, through PulseChain. The main tool in our arsenal is the native PulseChain wallet that we build. The Internet Money Wallet aims to be the easiest onboarding experience for new crypto users. We will achieve this by providing users with an intuitive user interface (UI) and accessible branding that helps bridge the gap between legacy finance and crypto. Moreover, all users who download our app will be able to claim free PLS and free Internet Money (IM). What about advanced crypto users? We will have features that even the most advanced crypto user will appreciate. The Internet Money wallet will be an IOS app, an Android app and a Chrome browser extension.

It is a two-token ecosystem, Internet Money (IM) and Internet Money Wallet Dividend (WD).

Instant messaging is a peer to peer digital currency. No admin keys, no taxes, no reflections and is deflationary. IM was launched on BSC on 11/30/2021. IM holders on BSC will receive a 1:1 copy when IM launches on PulseChain. Instant messaging also exists on PulseChain testnet.

WD is the first such token. The Internet Money Wallet will generate fees when exchanges from one token to another are made in the wallet (like other crypto wallets). Unlike other crypto wallets, this fee will be redistributed to WD token holders! Example: If you hold WD on PulseChain, you will receive fees that are generated on PulseChain in the wallet. The coolest part? These fees are generated in the native blockchain coin. Holding WD on PulseChain = Passive income in the form of PLS. Staking, delegating or locking your WD is NOT necessary to earn your passive income. Simply keep WD in a wallet whose private keys you own. The same reward system and method applies for holding WD on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other EVM chains.

Crypto Currency was created to be a decentralized way to interact with money. We aim to take continued steps towards decentralizing all facets of the Internet Money ecosystem; because we believe this is how money should be:

No centralized entities.

No controlling force.

Power, in the hands of the people.

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